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Having practised law as a Solicitor of England & Wales and as a Barrister and Advocate of the Supreme court of Nigeria with over 30 years of combined professional experience in both jurisdictions and, in view of similar experience as an Entrepreneur thereby travelling widely and observing economic trends in some countries,
I have come to realise that, it does not matter what is happening to the economy in general or the property market in particular, NOW IS ALWAYS a good time to invest in property and real estate.

In the light of the above, it is advised that the individual investing in property must endeavour to buy for long-term , negotiate an advantageous price, generate positive cash flow from day one and buy in an area with strong rental demand. It will shock you to find out that, given the right circumstances, you could literally get paid to buy a property, you can buy properties using none of your own money and get mortgages to buy properties in a country where you are not usually resident and many more.

Why we do not frown at acquisition of properties for appropriate needs, ego boosting and even for the fun of it , our primary objective at PROPERTY FIELDS is to prioritize property investment on behalf of our dear clients for the following reasons and more:

-Buying from motivated sellers: As an investor, your best bet may be to look for motivated sellers who will be flexible on the price and/or the terms of the sale instead of looking for a property you will like and then negotiate with the seller. In order to appropriate the opportunities usually presented by motivated sellers, you must know the values of the properties in your local market to enable you spot a good deal when you see it.

-Cash flow: investment in rental properties for cash flow can help the investor float through bad times and live well during good times. Without any fear of contradiction, I make bold to say that cash flow from real estate is stable and far more predictable than most other businesses.

-Appreciation: Recessions do happen and values of properties do fluctuate but, experience shown that because of the dynamics of supply and demand, location, growth in local population etc, properties will always almost increase in value

-Control: With investment in real estate, you are in control of your financial destiny and not tied to some monthly hand-outs from some employers or glued to constant fear of lack of returns on some other types of investment.

For fear of boring you, let me stop at this juncture as I shout over the roof top and say “welcome to PROPERTY FIELDS and, in closing, once again I say “NOW is such a good time for you to invest in the property market”.

Kunle Ajigbolamu Esq.

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